Stony Kill Falls

Difficulty: Easy  (1 steep ascent on stone steps and back down the same way)

Length: Approximately 1.7 miles

Max elevation: 1,387 ft.– total elevation gain approximately 281 ft.

Route type: Out and back

Map: Shawangunk Trails #104

Trailhead parking: Shaft 2A Road Wawarsing, NY 12446

For decades Stony Kill Falls had been a secret gem known to locals and avid tourists of the famed Shawangunk Ridge. Hidden in the southwest flank of the Minnewaska State Park Preserve, a towering 87 foot drop swelled every Spring into a roaring waterfall with no official access route. Gated off at the end of an unassuming road with the unappealing name of Shaft 2A Road, only those in the know, knew where to go.

1.  The Stony Kill Falls Trail begins at the southern end of this parking area just past the gate.

2. Follow the path into the woods.

3. Keep following the path for 5 minutes or so until you see a bridge leading towards the waterfall.

4. Look to you right and you’ll hopefully see it coming down in clear view.

5. Make your way up to the top if you want a view and great pictures!

6. View from the top extends further beyond until Minnewaska State Park although it does get a bit treacherous at some points. You can also find some great swimming holes in the summer up here!